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Mainly used as a counterweight where space is a vital feature, our components can be produced in small series of custom-made items or in large quantities for long runs.

Our products are supplied in compliance with the latest industry standards for tungsten alloy production. The production facilities guarantee rigorous levels of traceability and quality control for our customers, in all aspects of the production and supply chain.

We have the experience to work these parts with very tight tolerances, satisfying a wide range of customer needs. Tungsten alloy components can be produced in small series of customized items or in large quantities for long runs. Customers have the opportunity to purchase finished components or raw tungsten blocks for final processing.


There are many areas in an aircraft where precise positioning of the extra weight is required. The additional mass in the right position provides vibration damping for flight controls in the form of balancing weights, static and dynamic balancing of the rotor blades
and propellers and ballast when needed.

The heavy tungsten alloy is ideal for aeronautical applications because it has a very high density, which allows to obtain minimum weights. This attribute can be particularly useful in situations where a large mass must be contained in a confined space and can ultimately reduce the amount of weight used from where it is placed.

Tungsten is also a durable and long-lasting material capable of withstanding the most difficult operating conditions; moreover, it is not toxic, unlike other high density materials that have been used in the aerospace industry, such as depleted uranium and lead. Our Tungsten components include balancing weights, ballast weights, blade weights, anti- skid weights and locking bars.