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Stellite 694 Alloy

Stellite 694 is a cobalt-chromium alloy which has a high tungsten content to ensure high matrix strength at elevated temperatures (up to 1148oC or 2100oF). This alloy exhibits good resistance to wear, creep, erosion, thermal fatigue, and oxidation. The principal application is for hard-facing turbine blade interlock surfaces. Used in gas turbine parts where a higher hardness than Stellite 31 is required.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 28.5
W: 19.5
Ni: 5.0
C: 0.9
Others: V, Fe, Si, Mn

Hardness HRC: 44-50

Typical UTS: 830 MPa

UNS: Not listed

AMS: Not listed

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