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Common Steels

Teknosteel Srl is specialized in the marketing of products for precision mechanics, also hands out every iron and steel product available in Italy, including special items and sections, both in huge and in small quantities:

Fe series quality steels: Fe 360/430/510 drafts e rolled sections.
High workable automatic steels:11SMnPb37(AVP) 36SMnPb14(PR80) 11SMn30(AVZ).
Carburization and hardening steels: 16CrNi4/Pb – 18NiCrMo5/Pb – 20MnCr5.
Austempering and nitriding steels: A105–C45-42CD4-39NiCrMo3/Pb –41CAD7-2311– 2312. Aisi series steinless steels 303/304/316/420.
Tubular sections and pipes (drafts e rolled sections,soldered and unsoldered) for all Fe series applications, steinless and hardened in chromium Steel.
Pipes and bars steels, chrome and hardened chrome.
Tools Steels for hot and cold working made by Vanadium, Chromium e Tungsten. – Steels for bearings and springs: 52SiCrNi5 – 48Si7 – C67/C72 – 100Cr6 e 100CrMo7.
Fe series carbon Sheets, steinless, from which we can obtain Plates ed Rings realized by high precision machines.
Metals and alloys for mechanical applications such as: cast iron, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper.
Plastic material with mechanic applications.

Other Products