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Titanium is one of the most used elements in the industrial sector (together with magnesium) and has an atomic weight of 47.867 which makes it light but sturdy. Its properties combine high strength, stiffness and low density.

It is precisely the low density (about 60% of the iron density) that can be strengthened through alloying elements and deformation processes. Titanium has good heat transfer properties and resists corrosion and acid attack. All these features make it suitable for chemical and petrochemical applications, marine environments and biomedical applications.

The advantages of using Titanium are therefore lightness, hardness, resistance to corrosion, low thermal conductivity, biotolerability, non-toxicity, etc.

TeknoSteel, a point of reference in Italy for the supply of this element, has a wide range of titanium grades, from the commercially pure to its alloys, usable in strips, wires, bars, plates, plates, tubes and profiles.