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Titanium Wire

Grade 1 Pure Titanium Wire

Grade 1 titanium wire is medium strength. It has strong corrosion resistance and can be used at high temperatures. It is commonly used in ship technology, medical industry, and chemical industry.

Grade 2 Pure Titanium Wire

Grade 2 pure titanium wire is a pure titanium product. It has excellent weldability and strength. It is used in jewelry, chemical manufacturing and other industries.

Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Wire

Grade 5 titanium wire has strong corrosion resistance, low density, and lightweight. Has good toughness and weldability. It can not be cold-formed, mostly used in aerospace, petrochemical, and other industries.

Grade 7 Ti-0.2Pd Titanium Wire

Grade 7 titanium wire is a quantity of Pd added to pure titanium. It is mechanical properties are good, the density is small, the toughness is strong. It has highly salt-resistant, can be used to treat chloride.

Grade 9 Ti-3Al-2.5V Titanium Wire

Grade 9 titanium wire has medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It has high-temperature resistance and can be used at high temperatures. It is mostly used in aerospace and aircraft parts.

Grade 12 Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni Titanium Wire

Grade 12 titanium wire contains 0.3% Mo metal and 0.8% Ni metal. It has excellent corrosion resistance and strength. More redox for the chemical industry.

Grade 23 Ti-6Al-4V ELI Titanium Wire

Grade 23 titanium wire has high strength, low weight and strong corrosion resistance. It’s high toughness, and can be used as coils, wires, etc. It’s also often used in medical applications, biological components.

Grade 36 Ti45-Nb Titanium Wire

Grade 36 Ti45Nb titanium wire has high strength and strong corrosion resistance. High tensile strength and good plasticity. It has good cold workability and is mostly used in aerospace.

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