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Stellite 190 Alloy

Stellite 190 is a highly abrasion-resistant alloy, primarily used for the hardfacing of bearing journals in tricone rotary rock bits used in the oil and gas industry. Tricone bits operate in hot and extremely abrasive downhole conditions. Due to the high proportion of carbides, which provide the abrasion resistance, care must be taken to minimize cooling stresses incurred during hardfacing and to avoid service conditions which involve severe mechanical or thermal shock.

Stellite 190 can only be finished by grinding.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 27
W: 14
C: 3.3
Fe: <3 Others: V, Fe, Si, Mn Hardness HRC: 45-50

Typical UTS: 790 MPa

UNS: Not listed

AMS: Not listed

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