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Lubricating Fluids

Teknosteel Srl is specialized in the marketing of lubricating fluids for the transformation processes in the mechanical industry.

Here we list some business units:

  • “Metal Machining” with wholegrain products and miscible in water intended for cutting operations machining such as turning, parting, boring, milling, drilling, deep hole drilling and sanding, cutting disk and tape, tapping, threading, gear cutting, shaving, slotting , broaching, surface grinding, external, internal and centerless, lapping vertical and horizontal planes, rodatura and electro erosion.
  • “Surface Treatment” with products for surface treatments designed for all types of heat treatment such as hardening ordinary martensitic hardening, induction hardening, carburizing, produced by burnishing, rust-protective compounds, impregnating agents, fatty protective ropes, detergents and degreasers based water solvent.
  • “Cold Forming” with products for cold plastic deformation of metals, without machining operations such as molding and sheet metal stamping, fine blanking, stamping, roll forming, rolling, drawing wire and rods, copper wire and aluminum wire drawing, extrusion, molding by thread (screws and bolts, etc.).
  • “Hot Pressing” with products for hot plastic deformation of metals and semi hot, an operation such as forging, forging, stamping, extrusion, rolling, electro upsetting, rolling, casting, etc..
  • “Maintenance” with products for general lubrication of organs, plant and machinery, such as hydraulic systems, lubrication of machine tool slideways, gears and gearboxes, compressors, etc..

Other Products