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Bronze strips

CuSn (bronze), differently from brass, is a delicate material. For this reason, the alloys in CuSn are suitable for products with good properties of elasticity and high resistance to corrosion, ie, it retains the shape taken during the deformation of the tape in the process of bending and shearing even in case of mechanical stress, while maintaining the original shape without oxidizing. Because of its elastic properties and mechanical strength, brass alloy is similar to steel, however is more resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the high percentage of copper at the same time makes it a good electrical conductor.

CuSn4: spring contacts, Relais, switches, sockets, connectors and various technical applications

CuSn5-6: Springs and spring contacts for electrical applications, Relays and switches, spring contacts, connectors and sockets

CuSn8: same applications CuSn5-6 but with higher resistance load

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