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Tungsten (also called wolframio) is probably the most known transition metal for its rheological properties. Our company carries out the trade of tungsten in Italy and abroad mainly for companies that deal in electrical applications and more generally across the industry. As a matter of fact, bulbs filaments are made of tungsten, being tungsten the metal with the highest melting point.
As for the other non-ferrous metals tungsten is also important for its use in various types of alloys, as well as to increase the hardness of steel.

Tungsten Applications:
• Tungsten is used in the processing of other metals, mining, oil and construction.
• In heavy alloys for armaments.
• In high-speed steels.
• Chemical compounds of tungsten are used in catalysts and high temperature lubricants.
• It is used in the watertight joints.
• It is also used as a contact material within plasma nuclear fusion plants.