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Tungsteno Alloy for Fishing

Tungsten alloy fishing platinums are weights used in fishing as a bait.
They can be as small as 1/32 ounce for typical applications, even smaller for fly fishing applications. They can handle several kgs and much more (deep-sea fishing).
Unlike lead, the use of tungsten alloy materials does not concern environmentalists.
Tungsten alloy fishing platinums are becoming more and more popular among lovers of this genre because of their high density, small volume, and respect for the environment are quickly replacing lead weights.
These tungsten lead creases vertical movements and movements, as opposed to lead lures that move across water horizontally.
The use is very versatile and can be used in both salt water and fresh water.
Many species of fish are attracted to the lure that has made it popular among fishermen for years. Heavy alloys such as tungsten concentrate the maximum weight in as little space as possible. They are often used as a counterweight in the sports field, such as balancing, golf weights, etc.
Tungsten alloy fishing platinum is an ideal ecological alternative to replacing lead, which is toxic and has always been labeled as risky at the environmental level.

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