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Stellite 12 Alloy

Stellite 12 could be considered an intermediate alloy between Stellite 6 and Stellite 1. It contains a higher fraction of hard, brittle carbides than Stellite 6, and has increased resistance to low-angle erosion, abrasion, and severe sliding wear whilst retaining reasonable impact and cavitation resistance. Stellite 12 is often used self-mated or running against Stellite 6 or Stellite 1.

The higher tungsten content provides better high-temperature properties compared to Stellite 6, and it can be used at temperatures up to about 700 ̊C.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 27-32
W: 7.5-9.5
C: 1.4-2.0
Others: Ni, Fe, Si, Mn

Hardness HRC: 45-51

Typical UTS: 740 MPa

UNS: R30012, W73012, W73042

AMS:  Not listed

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