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Magnesium Alloy ZK60

Magnesium Alloy ZK60A is the typical legacy magnesium ligature. The current and historical uses are in the rotor and military aircraft, while the largest volume application is made of magnesium wheels forged for motorsport. This high strength alloy has good corrosion resistance but requires a coating for all applications.

• Specifications
Available alloys: AZ31B, AZ61, AZ80 and ZK60A
Specification: ASTM B91-97 e standard GB

• Physical properties
Density: 1,78
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 26,8 x 10 -6 K -1
Specific heat: 1040 Jkg -1 k -1
Thermal conductivity: 76,9Wm -1 k -1
Electrical resistivity: 92nΩm
Modulus of elasticity: 45 x 10 9 Pa
Poissons ratio: 0,35
Melting range: 566 – 632 ° C

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