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Stellite 19 Alloy

Stellite 19 is resistant to severe shock and has excellent red-hardness for applications such as cutting tools, machinery parts, high-temperature bearing races, nozzle discs, and burnishing rollers.

One of the outstanding properties of Stellite 19 is its ability to remain hard at red heat. This denotes a range of temperatures from 932 to 1562°F. Stellite 19 has impact resistance that is comparable to high-speed steels but has much higher red hardness. Stellite 19 can be used at higher speeds than high-speed steels. Its excellent resistance to corrosion from many common chemicals combined with its abrasion-resistant qualities makes the use of this alloy economical for machining such materials as plastics and rubber, which liberate corrosives that are used in their manufacture.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 31
W: 10.5
C: 1.9
Si: 1.0
Others: Ni, Fe

Hardness HRC: 51-53

Typical UTS: 725 MPa

UNS: Not Listed

AMS: Not Listed

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