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Titanium Sheet / Plate

Grade 1 Pure Titanium Sheet/Plate

Grade 1 titanium has excellent corrosion and wear resistance. It can be used in aerospace, marine, and chemical industries. It has 3 delivery states: M (Annealed), Y (Cold Rolled), R (Hot Rolled)

Grade 2 Pure Titanium Sheet/Plate

Grade 2 titanium plate is a kind of pure titanium with higher strength. It has good weldability and formability. It is mostly used in chemical processing, marine industry.

Grade 3 Pure Titanium Sheet/Plate

Its performance is similar to that of Gr1 and Gr2 pure titanium, but its strength is greater. It is mostly used in various engine parts, as well as aircraft fuselage. It has good weldability and formability.

Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Sheet/Plate

Grade 5 titanium Sheet is a titanium alloy made of Al and V added to pure titanium. It has excellent tensile strength and good heat resistance. It is mostly used in aerospace and precision parts manufacturing.

Grade 7 Ti-0.2Pd Titanium Sheet/Plate

Grade 7 titanium plate has low density, is lightweight, and has high strength. It has strong corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. It is mostly used in chemical production, machinery, and other industries.

Grade 9 Ti-3Al-2.5V Titanium Sheet/Plate

Grade 9 Ti-3Al-2.5V titanium sheet is a titanium alloy. It is with moderate strength, corrosion resistance. It is used in aerospace and industrial production.

Grade 12 Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni Titanium Sheet/Plate

A small amount of Mo and Ni metal is added to the alloy. It has high ductility and corrosion resistance. It is for heat exchangers, corrosion-resistant equipment, etc.

Grade 23 Ti-6Al-4V ELI Titanium Sheet/Plate

Grade 23 titanium Plate is characterized by high strength and good corrosion resistance. It has good resistance to damage and biocompatibility. It is mostly for biomedical applications.

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