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Stellite 3 Alloy

The high carbon content of Stellite 3 increases the volume fraction of carbides and hence its abrasion and solid particle erosion resistance. The high tungsten content improves its high-temperature properties. However, this results in an alloy that is nearly impossible to hardface crack-free and one that withstands very little impact. It has excellent metal-to-metal wear resistance and resists galling when mated with other Stellite alloys.

Stellite 3 has been used for valve seat inserts, needle holders, steel mill guide rolls, seaming rolls, sleeves, bushings, bearing balls, wear pads, burner nozzles, palm guides, surgical scissor inserts and in many other applications.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 30.5
W: 12.5
C: 2.3
Others: Ni, Fe, Si

Hardness HRC: 48-63

Typical UTS: 551 MPa

UNS: R30001, R30103

AMS:  Not listed

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