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Stellite 25 Alloy

Stellite 25 is a tungsten-strengthened cobalt-chromium alloy and is the cast version of the wrought alloy L605, and is also available in hardfacing wire, rod, and powder. This special low-carbon alloy has been found to have exceptional thermal fatigue resistance and is useful for tools to work hot steel. The alloy also resists hot metal-on-metal wear.

Stelllite 25 is often used for metal-working tools where a combination of metal-on-metal wear, thermal fatigue, and hot corrosion resistance are required, such as piercing points, forming tools, extrusion dies and furnace hardware.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 20
W: 15
C: 0.1
Others: Ni, Fe, Si, Mo, Mn

Hardness HRC: 20-45

Typical UTS: 925 MPa

UNS: R30605

AMS:  Not listed

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