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The commercial property offers a wide range of consumables for EDM:

Graphite selected based on our experience to optimize each stage of the process of die-sinking EDM. (making a link on graphite that opens the attached pdf 2, sgl and sgl001)
Wire EDM and filters for different qualities to meet the needs of all the different types of machines esistentisul market.
Spare parts for all brands of cars on the market.
Equipment and systems flexible clamping machines for wire and dip.
Chemicals for mold makers and printers.
De-ionizing resins.
Tubes hole and multi-hole with their guide tubes.
Tools with particular attention to those dedicated to the manufacturing of graphite developed on the basis of our experience.
For any requirement regarding the EDM you can find a complete partner in Teknosteel. We are efficient and flexible to talk to as we are present all over the country with staff at your disposal for any requests, suggestions, advice.

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