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Magnesium has extremely interesting characteristics: among the metals of structural useit’s the lightest one, with a density of only 1,739 g / cm3 at 20 ° C (a third lighter than aluminum). Thanks to recent innovations it has been possible to design new structural components in magnesium alloy that can conveniently replace traditional parts made of steel or aluminum; the advantages that can be obtained are related to the possibility of effectively exploiting the exceptional physical properties that make the production of complex parts possible by integrating different functions and, at the same time, avoiding the need for expensive assembly of several parts, with the opportunity to significantly reduce the mass of the structures with all the advantages linked to the lower dynamic stresses of the mechanical parts.

Magnesium alloys have good workability and excellent castability; moreover, the good dimensional stability gives a constant shrinkage speed during solidification and the almost absence of stress due to shrinkage. The possibility of its use as a structural material allows to reduce the weight of the vehicles, and consequently to reduce fuel consumption. Today magnesium is used in a wide range of markets and applications, taking advantage of its unique physical and mechanical properties of the element and its alloys.

The advantages in the use of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys are:
• Lower density than other structural metallic materials;
• High specific strength;
• Good castability, obtainable with high pressures during the process of die-casting;
• Possibility of being machined with high cutting speeds;
• Good weldability with protected atmosphere systems;
• Good corrosion resistance of high purity alloys;
• Abundance in nature;
• Compared with polymeric materials, it has the following qualities:
• Better mechanical properties;
• Resistant to aging;
• Better electrical and thermal conductivity qualities;
• Excellent recyclability characteristics.

Our Magnesium alloy products are available Plates, Tubes and Bars.