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Stellite 250 Alloy

Stellite 250 is a cobalt-chromium-iron heat-resistant alloy with excellent resistance to thermal shock, oxidation, and hot corrosion. Stellite 250 is suitable for various uses in heat treatment furnaces or metallurgical industrial furnaces such as roasters and smelters. Potential applications include thermowells, tuyeres, lances, gaskets, grates, trays, skids for slab-reheat furnaces, gas and pulverized coal burners, discharge rolls and channels, radiant tube supports and certain parts in contact with molten slags and ore. Stellite 250 is designed to resist carburization and sulphidization of furnace components, and is machinable.

Nominal Composition
Base: Co
Cr: 28
Fe: 20
C: 0.1
Si: 1.0
Others: Mn

Hardness HRC: 18-29

Typical UTS: 551 MPa

UNS: Not Listed

AMS: Not Listed

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