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Stellite Star J

Stellite Star J is recommended for use in extreme conditions of wear, abrasion, and heat. The alloy is similar to Stellite 3 in carbon content but with a higher tungsten content. This results in higher hot hardness and superior strength. The tungsten also changes the morphology and type of carbides resulting in improved abrasion resistance at the expense of ductility. Wear parts such as pads, pins, balls, and certain valve components in extreme environments are common applications for Stellite Star J.

Nominal Composition
Bal: Co
Cr: 32.5
W: 17.5
C: 2.5
Fe: 2.0
Ni: 2.0
Others: Mn, Si

Hardness HRC: 50-63

Typical UTS: 427 MPa

UNS: R31001, R30102

AMS: Not Listed

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